2 x Thai Boxing Punch Focus Pad Mitts Training Hit Strike Shield

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Bring versatility and flexibility to your kicking and punching routines!   Designed to bring the maximum intensity to your workouts, these black and red weight pads are sturdy and long-lasting. The pads are built to withstand punishment while providing you with the optimum in comfort and safety. These pads with their dense padding and durable stitching can take a beating! The adjustable strap ensures a secure grip. The pads are strapped to each forearm. When you face your exercise opponent and kick and punch your way through the routine, you’ll both enjoy a great workout. Your partner will benefit from the workout just by merely holding the Thai pads against the onslaught. The pads are designed with a curve that gives both the holder and the kicker the benefit of an intensified workout.  Strap on our kicking pads and bring your training and skills to a whole new level.


•    For the home and gym

•    Comes in pairs

•    Complete workout for both partners

•    Curved design for best results

•    Durable yet strong construction

•    Heighten strength, accuracy and speed

•    Dense padding prevents injury

•    Adjustable and secure grip   Specifications :

•    PVC •    Comes in red and black only

•    Dimensions: 43 x 20 x 10cm (L x W x H) (approximately)

•    Package dimensions: 45 x 22 x 26cm (L x W x H) (approximately)

•    Approximate package weight: 2kg